2012 Volume 11

Andrea Brigaglia Editorial
Musa Ibrahim Media and Religious Engagement: Shaykh Seebaway Zakaria and Ghanaian Broadcasting Media
Katrin Schulze Mosques, Palm Trees and Swords: Religious Symbolism in Northern Nigerian Lorry Decorations
Samaila Sulaiman "Exhuming Passions:" Religion and the Emergence of the Middle Belt Struggle in Nigeria
Antonio Morone The Trouble with Italy's Post-colonial Memory: Affile celebrates Rodolfo Graziani, the ‘Butcher of Ethiopia'
Cathlene Dollar An ‘African' Tarika in Anatolia: Notes on the Tijaniyya in Early Republican Turkey
Samadia Sadouni Focus: South Africa: Political Engagements of Islamic NGOs in the South African Public Sphere
Shaheed Tayob Focus: South Africa: The South African Halal Industry: A Case of Cultural Intermediaries
Gadija Ahjum Focus: South Africa: A Muslim Woman's (re-)Making of her Religious Identity through Activism in Qibla
Zachary Wright Focus: Biographies: Shaykh Hasan Cisse (1945-2008), Imam of the Fayda Tijaniyya
Alex Thurston Focus: Biographies: Shaykh Muhammad al-Hasan al-Dedew (b. 1963), a Salafi Scholar in Contemporary Mauritania
Muhammadu Mustapha Gwadabe Focus: Biographies: The life and times of a Scholar of Zaria (Nigeria): Shaykh Yahuza b. Sa‘ad (1883-1958)
Ramzi Ben Amara Focus: Biographies: Shaykh Ismaila Idris (1937-2000): The Founder of the Izala movement in Nigeria
Mauro Nobili Focus: Manuscripts and Primary Sources: Back to Saharan Myths: Preliminary Notes on ‘Uqba al-Mustajab'
Salisu Bala Focus: Manuscripts and Primary Sources: A Short Description of the Jos Museum Collection of Arabic Manuscripts in Northern Nigeria
Mukhtar Umar Bunza Focus: Manuscripts and Primary Sources: Arabic Medicinal Manuscripts of Pre-Colonial Northern Nigeria: A Descriptive List
Cathlene Dollar Events: Biographies of Religious Engagement: Islamic Activism in Psychological Perspective: a Centre for Contemporary Islam Conference, 10-12 October 2012
Muhammad Haron Review: Schulz, Dorothea E. (2012). Muslims and New Media in West Africa: Pathways to God
Mary Burton Review: Desai, Barney & Cardiff Marney. (2012). The Killing of the Imam
Faieka Esau-Wong Review: The Imam and I (2011). Director: Khalid Shamis