Hassan Ndzovu The Prospects of Islamism in Kenya as Epitomized by Shaykh Aboud Rogo's Sermons
Antonio Morone The Struggle for Somali Writing: Political Competition and Religious Confrontation on the Eve of National Independence
Ahmed Garba Religious Preaching Boards in Northern Nigeria
Ester Masso Guijarro Baye-Faal in Senegal, Baye-Faal in Lavapies, Baye-Faal in the Sacromonte Caves: Diasporic Transnationalism of a Sufi Heterodoxy
Focus: Muslim Communities in Southern Africa  
Muhammed Haron Angola's Muslims: Between Ideals and Realities
Muhammed Haron  Gaborone's Muslims: A Community on the Move
Focus: Ottoman-South African Relations   
Halim Gencoglu  Abu Bakr Effendi: An Ottoman Scholar at the Cape of Good Hope, 1863 - 1880
Xavier Luffin  Omer Lutfi's Umitburnu Seyahatnamesi: An Unprecedented Turkish Testimony about the Cape Muslims (1862 - 1866)
Focus: Manuscripts and Literature  
Michaelle Biddle Conservation of Sub-Saharan African Manuscripts
Mohamed Diagayete Ahmad Lobbo (1776 - 1845): His Works and Correspondence 
Dorrit Van Dalen Reading Muhammad al-Wali: a Scholar in the Context of his Daily and Intellectual Environment
Kadara Harith Swaleh 'What does Philosophy Want?' A Kiswahili Poem by Shaykh Msallam of Lamu
Focus: Biographies   
Rayya Timammy Shaykh Mahmoud Abdulkadir 'Mau' (b. 1950): A Reformist Preacher in Lamu
Andrea Brigaglia Shaykh Ibrahim al-Riyahi (1767 - 1850): A Mufti and a Mystic in Husaynid Tunisia
Cathlene Dollar  The Arts and Crafts of Literacy: Manuscript Cultures in Muslim Sub-Saharan Africa       An International Conference, 5-7 September, 2013
Abubakar Sadiq Abdulkadir Muslim Ulama in the Intellectual History of the Wider Lake Chad Region: An International Workshop, 16-20 November, 2014
Book Reviews  
Laura Lori Memories from Mogadishu: Two recent Works: A review of Far from Mogadishu
Jennifer Woodhull Another "West African Sufi": Reading Rudiger Seesemann on Ibrahim Niasse and Louis Brenner on Cerno Bokar Taal 
Ahmet Sait Akcay Women are Nowhere: A review of For the Mercy of Water
Muhammed Haron A Review of Melayu Cape di Afrika Selatan