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2015-2016 Volume 13

Muhammed Haron Editorial 
Adday Hernandez  Andalusi Vestiges in the Ethiopian Islamic Literary Tradition


Nichela Pasian  Islam, possession et chefferie au Niger
Abdulhakim A. Nsobya  Uganda's Militant Islamic Movement ADF: A Historical Analysis
Interview  Religion, Politics and Identity in South Sudan: An Interview with Father Christian Carlassare (Juba, South Sudan)
Focus: Somalia  
Debora Valentino Malito The Global War on Terror in Somalia: the Politics of Destabilization
Valeria Saggiomo Aid in Faith: When religious identity does not help to access the needy: A case from Somalia 
Giulio Di Domenicantonio  "With God on our side": a focus on Ahlu Sunna Waljama'a, a Sufi Somali paramilitary group
Antonio Morone Islamic reformism and al-Azhar Mission in Somalia during the nineteen-fifties
Salvatore Mancuso Somali Legal Literature: a Biblographic Essay
Focus: Boko Haram  
Translated by Shuaib Mukhtar Shuaib and Andrea Brigaglia  "Response to Boko Haram": A Friday Sermon Delivered by his Royal Highness, the Emir of Kano Muhammad Sanusi II, at the Kano Central Mosque
Alessio Iocchi  Boko Haram: Trans-National Flows and the Quest for an Economic Space
Georges Berghezan  Machiavel en Afrique centrale: le president Deby
Yerima Bukar Goni Abba Bame de la region de Kolofata au Nord-Cameroun: Profil d'un savant musulman a l'epoque de Boko Haram
Focus: ISIS and the South African Muslims: Documents on an Ongoing Engagement  
Annotated by Andrea Brigaglia  Open Letter to South Africans on Channel Islam International from Mufti Rashid Moosagie detailing his choice to join ISIS
Fakhruddin Owaisi al-Madani  Sunni Ulama Council of Cape Town Condemns Religious Violence: 4 September 2014
Interview  Probing the Sunni Ulama's Condemnations: An Interview with Fakhruddin Owaisi al-Madani
Ebrahim Moosa My madrassa classmate hated politics. Then he joined the Islamic State
A. Rashied Omar  Mitigating the Toxic Political Theology of ISIS: Friday Sermon Condeming ISIS
Focus: Biographies  
Sani Yakubu Adam  The Life and Career of Malam Muhammadu Salga (1869-1938): a Pioneer of the Most Extensive Tijani Network in Northern Nigeria 
Abdalla Uba Adamu  Tribute to Hajiya Sa'adatu Ahmad Barmani Choge, Griotte, northern Nigeria, 1948-2013
Britta Frede Mauritania's Manuscripts - a critical evaluation of former conservation projects and developing future strategies: A Workshop Report 9-10 September 2015, ZMO Berlin