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2018 Volume 15

Muhammed Haron Editorial   
Focus: Ongoing Developments: Trans-Regional Muslim Networks and Migration    
Shahid Vawda Muslim Migrants and Identities: Malawians and Senegalese in Durban, South Africa  


Edmore Dube State authority and Islamic vibrancy: The case of Southern Africa with special reference to Muslims of Malawian origin  
Jameel Asani  African Muslim Transnationalism: The formation of Somali religious identity in South Africa  
Ali Masawudu Islamic Migration and Margins: A South Asian Shi'i Community in Johannesburg  
Silindiwe Svingowanisei Zimbabwe's Three Muslim Communities: corresponding Beliefs, Distinctive Identities  
Focus: Unfinished Business: Political Struggle, Social Justice, and Freedom    
Auwais Rafudeen The paradox of Shaykh Yusuf: The 'non-political' freedom fighter  
Muhammed Haron Haron and Timol Inquests: Different Stories, Same Outcomes  
Gadija Ahjum Searching for authenticity within Islamism: Women's journeys of everyday political Islam  
Vanessa Rivera De La Fuente Shamima Shaikh's Life-long Commitment to Social Justice and The Building of a Nation  
Focus: Attentive Reflections: Biographies, Memories, and Obituaries    
Halim Gencoglu An Ottoman Source regarding the Anglo-Boer War in South Africa 1899-1902: Ghazi Mahmud Mukhtar Pasha and his work "Afrika-i Cenubi Muharebesi" (The South African War)  
Muhammed Haron South Africa's Ahmed Kathrada (1929-2017): A Man of Substance, a Man of Principles  
Suleman Dangor Mogamat Hoosain Ebrahim (1942-2018): A Little-Recognized Cape Muslim Academic  
Ebrahim Moosa and Farid Esack Mawlana Ighsaan Hendricks (1964-2018): A Committed Pragmatist, A Dedicated Activist  
Miscellaneous Texts: Reports and Surveys    
Annotated by Muhammed Haron South Africa's President and Muslim Judicial Council's President: Sharing Thoughts regarding State-Community Partnership  


Abdalla Mohamed Bashir  Halal Foods: South African Christian Consumers' Concerns