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About Us

The CCI was founded in 1995 to bring attention to the scholarly study of Islam and Muslim societies and communities in Africa and beyond. Since then, it has completed a number of research projects and cooperated with researchers and institutes across the globe. The subjects of the projects include Islamic Law in Africa; Religion, Culture and Identity in post-apartheid South Africa; Muslim Publics in Africa; Islam, Gender and Sexuality; Islam and Manuscript Cultures in sub-Saharan Africa; Muslim Intellectuals in the Lake Chad Transnational Space.

Through its projects, the CCI provides a place for researchers, both senior and up and coming, to share ideas and develop insights about Islam and Muslim societies. It creates a space where students are inspired and supported to embark upon a systematic study and reflection on issues of great interest to scholars and the general public.

The publications of the CCI are a testimony to its achievements. The Journal for Islamic Studies (JIS), a peer-reviewed publication accredited by the Department of Education (South Africa), is making a mark in the study of religion in general, and in Islam in particular. A number of special issues published by the JIS focus on issues related to Islam in Africa. The Annual Review of Islam in Africa (ARIA) provides a forum for young and established researchers to publish their findings in a shorter and accessible format.