Annual Review of Islam in Africa


The Annual Review of Islam in Africa (ARISA) was launched in 1998, and became a widely respected source on Islam in South Africa. Graduate students were closely involved in the entire production. Aslam Farouk-Allie, Shaheed Mathee and Susanna Mollin-Litteras left their mark on the review.

The CCI has resumed its annual publication of ARISA. As we are planning to include contributions on all regions of the African continent, we have decided on a small change in name and format. The publication will now be called ARIA (Annual Review of Islam in Africa), and it will be an online publication. The next publication is due to be released at the end of 2015.

We welcome new pieces of research from different disciplinary backgrounds from within the human sciences (Islamic Studies, Anthropology, Sociology, History, Political Science, Music, African Literatures and Arts) that focus on aspects of Muslim religious culture in the African space, and their contemporary developments for future issues. Case-studies on developments related to Islam in North, West, Central, East and South Africa are welcome. Articles should be 1500 to 2000 words.

You can submit your contributions to the Editor, Andrea Brigaglia

Past Issues of ARIA

Current issues are available at a cost of R100 within South Africa, and R200 outside South Africa; from our office. You may also download copies from 2012 and older.


For more information about the Annual Review of Islam in Africa contact Cathlene Dollar.