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2005 - Volume 8

Susana Molins
Lliteras & Shaheed Mathee
Gabeba Baderon Selection of poems
Lucille Davie Don Mattera: poet of compassion
Andie Miller Review of Ishtiyaq Shukri's (Jacana) The Silent Minaret
Khadija Magardie Review of Jonny Steinberg's The Number
Maureen Isaacson Review of Imtiaz Cajee's Timol: A Quest for Justice
Anne Bang Review of Rayda Jacobs' Mekka Diaries
Sumayya Lee Why I Wrote The Story of Maha the Mad
Imtiaaz Cajee Intro of Timol
Khalid Shamis Towards Making a Documentary on the Late Imam Abdullah Haron
Andre Spies The Building of a New Library in Timbuktu
President Thabo Mbeki Address at the SA-Mali Project Fundraising Dinner
President Thabo Mbeki Reply to the President of Indonesia at the State Banquet in Istana Negara, Jakarta
Helene Vollgraaff Transforming the Iziko Bo-Kaap Museum
Abdalbaseer Ojembarrena Introduction to Dallas College, Cape Town - College of Leadership
Muhammed Haron South(ern) African Research on Muslims and Islam: Aluta Continua
Ismail E. Jaffer Review of Fahmi Gamieldien's The History of the Claremont Main Road Mosque
Fakrudeen Uwaysi A Critique of Contemporary Puritan Discourse on Mawlid and Bid'ah
Kjetil Ostnor Review of Heribert Adam and Kogila Moodley's Seeking Mandela: Peacemaking between Israelis and Palestinians
Yousuf Dadoo Review of Mogamat Hoosain Ebrahim's book on Shaykh Ismail Hanif Edwards
Susana Molins Lliteras The Tijaniyya Tariqa in Cape Town
MAE (Ashraf) Dockrat The Tasawwuf of ethnicity: Barlewi and Deobandi manifestations in South African Sufism
Abdulkader Hashim Searching for religious authority (marji'iya): Muslims and religious leadership in Kenya
Imraan Buccus & Lubna Nadvi The role of (Muslim) civil society in resisting the Anti-terrorism bill
Ghulam Vahed Obituary: Ahmed Hoosen Deedat (1918-2005)
Shabbir Banobhai Obituary: Dr Goolam Mohamed Karim (1929-2005)