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The Journal for Islamic Studies is a peer-reviewed journal committed to the publication of original research on Islam as culture and civilization. It particularly welcomes work of an interdisciplinary nature that brings together history, religion, politics, culture and law. The Journal has a special focus on Islam in Africa, and on contemporary Islamic Thought. Contributions that display theoretical rigour, especially work that link the particularities of Islamic discourse to the enterprise of knowledge and critique in the humanities and social sciences, will find JIS to be receptive to such submissions.

The Journal for Islamic Studies is indexed in the ATLA Religion Database ® a product of the American Theological Library Association, and SAePublications. It is also included in the list of Approved Journals compiled by the Department of Education (South Africa).

Latest Issues

Vol. 37 - 2018 

Guest Editor: Laurens de Rooij 

expected release: April/May 2019

Vol. 36 - 2017 

Special Issue: Islam and the Politics of Religious Dissent in Northern Nigeria

Editor: Andrea Brigaglia 

Vol. 35 - 2016

Performances of Belonging, Difference, and Exclusion in Muslim Africa

Guest Editors: Dorothea Schulz and Tea Virtanen

Vol. 34 - 2014

Guest Editors: Andrea Brigaglia and Ramzi Ben Amara                                                                                                

Vol. 33 - 2013
Thematic issue on Theorising Experience, Subjectivity, and Narrative in Studies of Gender and Islam.                                      

Guest Editors: Sa'diyya Shaikh, Nina Hoel and Gabeba Baderoon

Vol. 32 - 2012

This issue deals with Islamic reform in African contexts, the subject of a Conference organized at UCT in 2011.

Vol.31 - 2011 

Vol.30 - 2010 
Features articles on Gender Segregation, Sufi Women's saying on Love, Islamization of Osun State of Nigeria, American Muslim Women Navigating Islamic Divorce and Civil Law

Vol.29 - 2009 
Features articles on African Islam, Theology, and Islamism in Malaysia

Thematic Issues

Vol. 36 - 2017 

Special Issue: Islam and the Politics of Religious Dissent in Northern Nigeria

Editor: Andrea Brigaglia 

Vol.28 - 2008 
Reconfiguring Gender Relations in Muslim Africa 
Guest Editors: Marloes Janson & Dorothea Schulz

Vol.27 - 2007
Islam & African Muslim Publics
Editor: Abdulkader Tayob

Vol.26 - 2006
Engaged Sufism
Guest Editors: Sa'diyya Shaikh and Scott Kugle

Vol.24 & 25 - 2004/05
Burial Grounds: Sacred Sites and Heritage in Post-Apartheid Cape Town
Guest Editors: Louise Green & Noeleen Murray


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