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2012 Seminars:

  • January 15: Dr Said Ferjani: Advisor to the Current Prime Minister of Tunia, Hamadi Jebali. He is also a founding member of the Islamist Al-Nahda Party and a spokesperson and member of the constitutional council and political bureau of the party
  • February 15: Dr Hisham Al- Alwai: Iraqi Embassy to South Africa. Democracy and Good Governance in Islam: Lessons from Recent developments in Iraq and the Region

2011 Seminars:

  • April 20:Competing Voices in Islamic Gender Reform (Prof. Amina Wadud)
  • July 28:The more Things Change.... Western Depictions of the Prophet Muhammad(Dr Jonathan Brown)

2010 Seminars:

  • August 18: Economics of the Islamic World: History, Modernity and Future Prospects

2009 Seminars:

  • May 19: Discourses on Islam and Colonialism in West Africa (Prof. Muhammad Sani Umar)
  • May 21: Contemporary Application of Islamic Law in Nigeria (Prof. Muhammad Sani Umar)
  • May 26: Islamic Studies in the field of Religionwissenschaft (Prof. Muhammad Sani Umar)
  • May 28: Contemporary Islamic Thought: Global Debates about Islam in the Twenty-First Century (Prof. Muhammad Sani Umar)
  • April 17: Research Workshop and Lecture by Prof. Muneer Farid (Muslims in Africa between Civic Duty and Sharia Compliance
  • March 27: Working with Definitions of Religion in the Study of Islam (second meeting)
  • March 13: Working with Definitions of Religion in the Study of Islam
  • February 26: The Decline in the Expression of Salafiyya Identity in the Cape (Yunus Dumbe)
  • February 19: Changes in Madrasah Education in South Africa from the 1980s through the post-1994 period of political transition: A Historical Exploration in the Gauteng and Kwazulu Natal regions (Muhammad Khalid Sayed)

2008 Seminars:

  • Muslim Publics in South Africa (Abdulkader Tayob)
  • Islam and Muslim youth culture in Mali (Benjamin Soares)
  • Muslim public intellectuals in West Africa (Benjamin Soares)
  • Islam and politics in sub-Saharan Africa (Benjamin Soares)
  • Islam in West Africa (Benjamin Soares)
  • Against decay and despair: Intergenerational tensions and initiatives among the youth (Kai Kresse)
  • Maulidi experience contested, altered, and transformed: Shifts in Muslim identity (Kai Kresse)
  • Islamic pamphlets and newspapers in Kiswahili: Reflecting or reforming everyday life? (Kai Kresse)
  • The 'golden age' and the burden of the present: Coastal Muslims and the postcolonial experience (Kai Kresse)
  • The pillars of Islam and Public Life (Dr Yasin Dutton)
  • Francophone States, Muslim Societies: Negotiating Religion and Democracy in Senegal, Mali and Niger (Leonardo Villalon)
  • Religion in the Western Cape (Premier Ebrahim Rasool)
  • Faithfully Secular: Secularism in South African political life (Annie Leatt)
  • Civil-Coercive Relations: A Framework of Analysis (Annette Segers)


In October 2008, CCI and the University of Hamburg co-hosted a Symposium: Muslim Minority Rights, Islamic Education and Democratic Citizenship. The symposium was funded by the Böell Foundation. For more information, read the Feedback Report.

  • September 2013 The Arts and Crafts of Literacy: Muslim Manuscript Cultures in sub-Saharan Africa (hosted at the New School of Economics, Middle Campus, UCT)
  • October 2012 Biographies of Religious Engagement: Islamic Activism in Psychological Perspective (hosted at Mont Fleur Venue, Stellenbosch)
  • September 2012 Religion and Education Workshop (hosted by the Department of Religious Studies)
  • August 2012 Research Group Workshop (facilitated by Professor Franz Kogelmann, International School of African Studies, Bayreuth University)
  • May 2011 Islam Gender and Law:Dangerous Liaisons:Female Masters, Male Slaves and the Making of Islamic Marriage Law. Child Marriage,Prophetic Sunnah and Muslim Apologetics
  • March 2010 Khadi Courts in Kenya: Differing Perspectives (CCI co-hosted with St Pauls University)
  • May 2010 Muslim Marriages: From Constitution to Legislation (hosted at the Capetonian Hotel)
  • November 2010 Marriage Contracts, Rights, Responsibilities and Freedoms (hosted at the Capetonian Hotel)